Thursday, July 11, 2013

Howdy! My name is Sara, like the Ben Folds song Sara without an "H". I was born and raised in Texas and would never think of leaving. I am married to the most amazing man in the world and we have a son who is a mini version of me (scary I know!). Now, that I have that out of the way... I have thought about blogging for a while now, and I always think.. who or why would anyone want to read what I have to say. So I am blogging for me and this is my outlet and if you happen to stumble upon my blog and like it feel free to stay around and say "hi". The reason I started this blog on today is because I was inspired by two amazing ladies and their recent blogs +Crystal Michelle ,you can follow her on and +Amy Bryant , who you can follow at (God I hope that is the right Amy Bryant). I kinda stock them and they like it. So today is hopefully the first day of mini that I can sit back with a cup of water (because I am on a health kick) and type out anything and everything that is on my mind. Just know that I am a flavor of the month kinda girl (per the husband) and I am all over the place when it comes to my thoughts.

I have a small addiction at the moment and that would be the gym. Yes, the gym is my addiction and I am admitting it to the world. If you have a problem with it.. Ehhh I don't really care. With that being said I was hanging out on Pinterest and stumbled upon this and it describe why I workout. On my facebook I am always checking in at they gym sometimes once or twice a day. I have had a few people comment and say why you always have to be checking in at the gym... I do it because.. Well I can and it helps me stay accountable to myself. I love looking back on my timeline and seeing how many times I went to the gym (yep I think I am a badass at times)